Best Chicken in Jersey City! Tribo's Peri Peri Chicken

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Best Chicken in Jersey City

Jersey City, NJ

May 3, 2023

by Alaura Lovelight

I had the opportunity to dine at Tribo's Peri Peri Chicken and I was not prepared! I don't usually prefer Halal but the flavors were perfectly blended, mild but still flavorful! Check out why I was so impressed and how they rated overall.


The customer service at Tribo's Peri Peri Chicken was exceptional. The employees were welcoming and informative about the cuisine right away.

Customer service is a crucial aspect of any business, and it can make or break a customer's experience. This aspect will most definitely build customer loyalty, generate positive word-of-mouth referrals, and ultimately, drive sales. I know personally I fully intend on returning and referring anyone who is looking for a delicious chicken spot with great customer service!


The ambiance of Tribo's was relaxed and laid back but personally I could have used a little bit more. The music was very minimal in the background and I was there at a quiet time during the day which left the atmosphere mildly dull.

Ambiance is an important aspect of any dining experience, as it can greatly influence a customer's perception of the food and overall experience. A well-designed and comfortable space can help customers relax, enjoy their meal, and encourage them to return in the future.

I would personally suggest that Tribo's could increase their inviting ambiance with a little bit more music, décor, and more spacious seating arrangements to create a more welcoming and comfortable environment.

Overall, a 7/10 rating for ambiance is a good score for Tribos Peri Peri Chicken, but it's important for them to continue to assess and improve their restaurant's atmosphere to ensure that their customers have a consistently enjoyable experience.


The pricing options of this menu were slightly high, but totally worth it, although I didn't know that going in. The menu itself was largely based solely on chicken which could be a bit of a deterrent, especially for families looking for different options.  

Tribos Peri Peri Chicken is doing a good job in regards to menu and pricing, however, there may still be room for improvement. I would suggest possibly offering a one time coupon for first time customers. This could help offset any uncertainty about the prices and give customers an opportunity to understand why the prices are the way they are. 

Overall, an 8/10 rating for pricing is a great achievement for Tribos Peri Peri Chicken, they are providing good value for their customers' money.


Cleanliness is one of the most important categories to me when it comes to dining out. I was thoroughly impressed by their proper use of gloves and how their containers were neatly organized all with custom lids protecting the for from airborne germs (ew.)

Cleanliness is a crucial aspect of any restaurant, and it's essential for ensuring the health and safety of both customers and staff. A clean and hygienic restaurant also helps to create a more pleasant dining experience and can contribute to positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

It's commendable that Tribos Peri Peri Chicken maintains such a high level of cleanliness, especially given the challenges posed by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This is a testament to their commitment to providing a safe and healthy environment for their customers.

Overall, a 10/10 rating for cleanliness is a fantastic achievement for Tribos Peri Peri Chicken, they are taking their responsibilities as a restaurant operator very seriously and it did not go unnoticed.


The food wait time was very minimal. This possible in part had to do with dining at a slower meal time, however I presume that this is part of their attention to detail that reflected in all the other categories as well and would venture to guess that the timeliness of the food is likely very good on a regular basis. The time it took to receive the food was reasonable and did not detract from the overall dining experience.

They are providing a timely and efficient service to their customers.


I was blown at away at how delicious this food was. From the flame grilled chicken that was grilled to perfection, to the plating, down to the perfection of the sauce it was a fantastic dining experience. (So much that I may or may not have gotten a second plate to bring home. #truestory)

Food and drink are the primary reason that customers visit a restaurant, and providing high-quality, delicious options is crucial for creating a positive dining experience. 

An 11/10 rating for food and drink is a rare accomplishment and a testament to the quality of the ingredients used, the skill of the chefs, and the attention to detail in preparation and presentation. It's clear that Tribos Peri Peri Chicken is doing an excellent job in this regard, and it's likely that I'll return (with the whole team) in the future to enjoy their delicious food and drink offerings again.








Overall my dining experience was truly incredible. I was satisfied with the quality of the food, customer service, pricing, cleanliness, and wait time for food.

I would 100% recommend Tribos Peri Peri Chicken to you if you love chicken, fresh food, friendly staff, and a little bit of curry spice. You'll thank me later, and you might see me there lol.

Happy Dining! 

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