6 Steps to say F*ck Limiting Beliefs

Aug 01, 2023
how to say fuck limiting beliefs


                        Ugh, I don't know about you but this whole learning about limiting beliefs thing is like a never ending onion 🙄 Because I do everything with authenticity and transparency, here's the deal; I'd be LYING to you if I told you there were only 6 easy steps and *poof* you're cured of limiting belief. The cold, hard truth is that it actually is kind of like an avalanche of things you've piled in that room/drawer you haven't cleaned because only God know what's in there and how long it will take to clean out, not to mention if there's things in there that might be emotionally triggering. (damn, the junk drawer analogy is more spot on than I thought!). Before I give you anxiety and you click away, you should know that while all that may be true, breaking down limiting beliefs give you a sense of peace on a whole other level. It's like that sweet satisfaction you feel after the house or drawer is clean, and everyone who comes through the door has to take their shoes off as to not mess up your perfectly refreshed and organized space; you feel the same way about your energy. With that said the more I learn about limiting beliefs the more I understand and embrace that it is an every unfolding process. BUT these 6 steps are a really great place to START so you can say F U limiting beliefs! you have no power over me. Be Gone!


Step One | Identify the Limiting Belief

  1. Identify the limiting belief: Begin by identifying the specific belief that is holding you back. Pay attention to the thoughts and patterns that arise when you feel restricted or discouraged. Is it a belief about your abilities, worthiness, or potential? Write down the belief and be clear about its impact on your life.

Step Two | Question the belief

2. Question the belief: Challenge the validity of the limiting belief by asking yourself critical questions. Is this belief based on evidence or past experiences? Is it a belief that others have imposed on you? How does this belief limit your growth and potential? By questioning the belief, you can gain a new perspective and open the door to alternative possibilities.

Step Three | Seek Contrary Evidence

3. Seek contrary evidence: Look for evidence that contradicts the limiting belief. Focus on past achievements, instances where you have succeeded, and moments when you defied the belief. Gather examples that support your potential and challenge the negative narrative. This process helps to build a counter-argument against the limiting belief.

Step Four | Replace with Empowering Beliefs

4. Replace with empowering beliefs: Once you have gathered contrary evidence, intentionally choose empowering beliefs to replace the limiting one. These empowering beliefs should be based on truth, self-compassion, and an understanding of your abilities. For example, if the limiting belief is "I am not good enough," replace it with "I am capable of growth and continuous improvement.”

Step Five | Practice Affirmations and Visualizations (This one's my fave!)

5. Practice affirmations and visualization: Affirmations and visualization techniques can reinforce the empowering beliefs. Create positive statements that reflect your new beliefs and repeat them daily. Visualize yourself successfully overcoming challenges, achieving your goals, and embodying the new beliefs. This practice helps rewire your subconscious mind and strengthens your resolve.

Step Six | Take Action and Seek Support 

6. Take action and seek support: Finally, take action aligned with your new beliefs. Break your goals into small, manageable steps and consistently work towards them. Celebrate your successes along the way, no matter how small. Surround yourself with a supportive community or seek the guidance of a mentor or coach who can provide encouragement and accountability.

The fact that you're here reading this means you're already sifting past that victim mentality and really working through things you no longer identify with. That's amazing. My greatest advice is to be kind to yourself. Be gentle with yourself. We are here in this life to learn and grow and change and adapt and all the things. Observe them as often as you can, change them when you recognize them and try again when you feel like you missed the boat. 

Cheering for you Lovelight's of the universe 💫



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